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Hackathon Lost & Found

Are you a hackathon participant looking for a team to join?
Are you championing a hackathon project and in need of some specific expertise?
If you answered yes to either of these, you have come to the right place.

Participants looking for a team are encouraged to add themselves to the "Skills to Offer" table, providing some information about their skills and interests. This will help others with matching needs and/or interests find you.

Champions wanting help on their projects are encouraged to add themselves to the "Skills Needed" table, providing some information about the skills they seek.

Skills to offer

NameEmail AddressSkills and/or interests you have to offer
AI4SMB by Robertinfo@ai4smb.deAI4SMB to open AI processing to SMB within EU offering economical AI for SMBs in digital business processes, from production & maintenance & logistics
neuropil by Eliza & // marvin@neuropil.orgneuropil is the open source implementation of a cyber security mesh to enable secure, scalable and souvereign data integration. It embraces security and privacy by design and packs both into a small library, ready to be used by projects for data in transit. For NGIoT we are offering free workshops and collaboration on security and privacy topics.

Skills needed

NameEmail AddressSkills your team needs
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